Is your dentist truly holistic? And what does it mean?

Finding a dentist who will use nontoxic treatments and methods that will facilitate oral health without any harm to the rest of the body is tricky because many dentists who claim to be holistic are actually not. The issue lies in the interpretation of the holistic philosophy by individual dentists. If you want to be absolutely sure that your chosen dentist is holistic, prepare a list of questions beforehand and insist on a consultation before agreeing to any treatment for yourself or your children.

Overall, holistic dentists don’t offer amalgams as an option. However, your checklist should include other questions and these depend on your own approach to health. For example, some holistic dentists don’t offer fluoride treatment and others avoid crowns and drilling. If the cavity or hole is large, an inlay should be considered and instead of offering you a root canal, they turn to homeopathy or clearing away toxic dental materials in and around the tooth.

You need to think how far you want to go in your own holistic requirements. Holistic dentists use X-rays sparingly on children and while this is probably an unusual practice even for holistic dentists, beware of dentists who insist on a round of bitewings with every cleaning or even once a year. Some dentists offer infrared devices for healing from surgery instead of painkillers and if this is your preferred option, you should include it in your list.

If your dentist routinely removes wisdom teeth even if there is no pain or infection that is a big clue that the dental office is not a holistic establishment. You could also check if they use sealants – sealant materials are generally made with hormone disrupting Bisphenol A (BPA). Before you choose our clinic or any other dental practice, consider the checklist and your own preferred approaches to dentistry and your health. Have it your way.

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